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I've continued to think deeply about the Biden dilemma the Democratic Party is facing. I've discussed the problem from many angles with people I am close with. I wrote this poem a while ago, but I decided to share it today since it captures where I'm at right now. . . There is no easy solution. The path I pushed for in my previous post could lead to a dangerous precedent of presuming guilt without evidence, a precedent that morally-dubious people could take advantage of to bring down politicians they oppose. . . I wish the conversation around Tara Reade and Joe Biden, the conversation presented especially by both the media and members of the Democratic Party, could acknowledge how complex this situation is. I wish people didn't feel it was necessary to take a polarized position of de-legitimizing the survivor's words to defend the candidate they want to believe in, or of labeling the candidate as "evil" to support the survivor. . . I believe Tara Reade. I know how hard it is to speak your truth, so I will always believe survivors unless insurmountable evidence suggests not to. And I am always skeptical of people who seek power. That said, I also believe Trump must not be re-elected, that his election supports much more violence, and I will vote for Biden even while believing he may indeed be a sexual predator. I support journalists, and the Democratic Party itself, to fully investigate this so that evidence may be substantiated to either clear Biden's name or pressure him to step down. . . In my dream world, no one is ever touched without consent and democracy does not depend on huge egos or deep wallets. . . Safehouse Domestic Abuse 24-Hour Crisis Line (303) 444-2424 #domesticviolence #survive #survivor #safehouse . . National Sexual Assault Hotline Call 1-800-656-4673 . . . . . #poetry #poem #survivor #believewomen #listentowomen #takecareofyourself #besafe #heal #feminist

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